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The Urban-Rural Hub Around Faringdon                                   16-23 June 2012

Food & Drink


As consumers, we directly affect the Environment through the purchasing decisions - and in particular the food choices - that we make every day. How fair and how sustainable are these choices?  We need to “consume with a social conscience”. 

Environmental sustainability of the community is greatly enhanced by being able to grow in-season foods locally, in gardens, allotments, and  farms.

The Faringdon Allotments Society is holding an ECOGROW Open Day on the 16th June.  Come and see how it’s done - how it benefits your health and the environment!

Amazingly, there are sixteen organic  ECOFARMS within just two miles of Faringdon that have  either soil-association certification, or farm using organic methods.

Many will be organising activities during ECOWEEK, and some are also on the ECOBIKES route.

 VENN MILL  - a two hundred year old working water-powered flour mill, will be holding an Open Day on Sunday 16th. Not to be missed! DO combine with ECOSCREW .

HONEY is the subject of ECOBEES, and hedgerow cooking is just one of the activities at ECOBARD.

The hands-on ECOCHEF - with Masterchef Finalist Andrew Kojima, takes place as part of ECOFEST.

ECOBEER, ECOVINE, and ECOGLUG all celebrate the art of the local brewers and wine producers in different ways - some also involving a bit of exercise!

L.O.A.F:   Local  Organic   Animal-friendly   Fairtrade

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