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The Urban-Rural Hub Around Faringdon                                   16-23 June 2012

ECOGROW - Allotments


As part of Faringdon ECOWEEK, Faringdon Allotment Society would love to share with you the joys (and pains!) of having an allotment. Stroll down to the Canada Lane Entrance at any time between 11am and 4pm on Saturday 16th June. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Welcome to Faringdon Allotments

Community spirit

Green Gym


An allotment is good for you!

It gives you fresh air, healthy exercise, a piece of land to call your own – as long as you look after it and pay the rent – and good fresh fruit and vegetables at the end of it. It’s good for the environment too - by recycling materials and producing food locally you can really cut your carbon footprint.

Allotments can fulfil all the aims of sustainable development

  • Earth care – gardeners care for the earth – if they don’t then their crops won’t grow. And they can learn to garden with nature, rather than fighting it.
  • Fair shares – allotment rents are very low compared with other activities. In Faringdon the Allotment rent is 20 p.a. for a whole plot (10 poles) and 10 p.a. for a half-plot (5 poles).
  • People care – gardening is good for you, both physically and mentally.

Allotments are the green lungs of our towns and provide valuable habitats for wildlife such as deer and birds.

Allotments are good for the environment and good for you!
Looking forward to seeing you on the 16th June.

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