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Buying LOCAL doesn’t just refer to vegetables! Bothy Vineyard continues an ancient tradition of wine making in the Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire, dating back to at least medieval times. Their philosophy is to produce the highest quality wines from grapes cultivated in as environmentally friendly way as possible.

On Friday 22nd June we’ve arranged a TOUR & TASTINGS at the Vineyard. Transport from Faringdon will be provided.  We leave Faringdon at 5.30pm - and the Tour starts at 6pm.  BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL.  Phone 01367-241289 .  Cost is 10 - which covers Transport and Tour (or alternatively - if you make your own way there then the cost is 7.50 - you MUST be there by 6pm)   . 


Bothy Vineyard was established twenty-nine years ago. The excellent microclimate, warm sandy soils, long ripening season and mature vines help produce wines of consistent depth and high quality which have won many awards.

In 1978 six grape varieties were planted at the vineyard, on three acres of land. As is usual in English vineyards these were all German crosses which performed well in the English climate. These are vinified and blended to produce a variety of dry and off-dry white wines in our own winery to produce a distinctly English style. 

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Minimising our Environmental Impact - Statement from the Bothy Vineyard Website

  • We are gradually bringing our soils "back to life" with inter-planting of grass (and green composts from this autumn), as well as adding compost from council collected green wastes.
  • We use native Sweet Chestnut posts for the trellis which have a very low (or possibly negative) carbon footprint and provide over-wintering homes for many of the beneficial insects which live in the vineyard.
  • Intelligent use of fungicides and herbicides to minimize their use and any negative environmental impact.  No use of insecticides. Our wine has been tested for chemical residues and none at all have been detected by an independent laboratory, Corkwise.
  • Biodiversity areas - our grassy areas are planted with a mixture of native species. Over 400 native trees have also been planted
  • Electricity used on site is 100% from renewable sources
  • 95% of winery waste composted on site.  The rest is recycled whenever possible.
  • We are reducing the use of plastic ties in the vineyard
  • We use only recycled paper (including for our newsletters which are printed with environmentally friendly inks), and encourage customers to bring their wine boxes to us.
  • We use minimal chemical intervention in the winery.
  • Bottles - these have been light-weighted, with 60% recycled glass content. The bottles are sourced from a British factory to reduce transport emissions
  • Corks - We use high quality corks because these have less embedded energy than other closures. Corks are also 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • We have stopped using capsules for our still wines to reduce unnecessary packaging.
  • We use only recycled boxes for our wines and promote the use of reusable bottle carriers.
  • 80% of our wine is sold directly to the public, most of whom are local (we purposely have no contract with a courier).  The other 20% of our sales is to local outlets. This marketing strategy results in minimal transport impact.
  • We involve the local community in most aspects of the vineyard management and some of the winemaking process. Where ever possible we source local foods for the meals prepared for volunteers.

How to Find the Bothy Vineyard 
Bothy Vineyard is 11 miles from Faringdon in Frilford Heath. The entrance to Bothy Vineyard is on the North side of Faringdon Road, between the Dog House Hotel and Oakley Park. A map is on the  Contact Us page. 

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