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The Urban-Rural Hub Around Faringdon                                   16-23 June 2012

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When it comes to cutting carbon, we’re often drowning in oceans of good advice - more than we can swallow. What we really need is to SPEAK to the right people; and we need to SEE the solutions in action. As part of Faringdon ECOWEEK we’ve put together a number of enabling events where you can do just that. In addition - we’ve also arranged a showing of ”The Truth about Climate Change” with Sir David Attenborough , and there’s a wonderful BIRDS & BEES double-event for budding beekeepers and ornithologists. 

All Week - FREE ENTRY: The ECOTRAIL gives you the opportunity to be nosey! Twenty five houses in and around Faringdon have kindly given their permission for you to visit between specified times - to see how the owners have implemented eco-solutions, and to find out whether it’s worth it for you to investigate some of these solutions further.

Saturday 16th June 6-9pm: ECOQUEST combines a Slow Food Supper with a special Countryside Question Time - chaired by Peter Kindersley. And on the panel are prominent local farmers.

Sunday 17th June 12pm & 2pm: Dandridges Mill in East Hanney has been converted into luxury apartments with lots of low-carbon credentials - including an Archimedes Screw Turbine in the Letcombe brook!  Not to be missed! See ECOSCREW .

Monday 18th June 7.30-9.30pm: ECOFILM  - THE TRUTH ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE - with Sir David Attenborough  - with time for discussion/questions .

Tuesday 15th June 6-7pm: ECOBEES at Carswell Farm on the Thames . The Vale & Downland Beekeepers Association will give an hourlong presentation using a special demonstration hive. This will then be followed by ECOBIRDS.

Tuesday 15th June 7-9pm - FREE ENTRY: Charlotte Kinnear and Kirsty Brannan from the RSPB Otmoor Nature Reserve will take us for a Bird and Farm walk around Carswell farm and along the Thames. Sorry - no dogs. Collection in aid of the RSPB.  See ECOBIRDS .

Friday 22nd June 12.30-2pm: ECOTRUST takes us for a guided tour around the new National Trust Headquarters in Swindon - with many state-of-the-art ecocredentials.

Saturday 23rd June 11am-4pm - FREE ENTRY: The ECOFAIR will take place as part of the ECOFEST on the Westmill Wind/Solar Farm at Watchfield.

We will be bringing together those local companies and organisations that have anything to tell or sell relating to reducing your impact on the environment and your carbon footprint. Invited companies & Organisations include those who can offer advice and services relating to:

  • Green energy & micro-generation
  • Insulation & energy efficiency
  • Recycling & waste reduction
  • Water saving
  • Devices around the home
  • And many more!


with Sir David Attenborough
Monday 18th - 7.30 Catholic Church Hall - FREE ENTRY

Put these dates in your Diaries now  - and watch out for the ECOTRAIL Maps that will be delivered at the beginning of June.

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