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The Urban-Rural Hub Around Faringdon                                   16-23 June 2012



whynotcycle1Wednesday 20th June 7pm-9pm: Spend an evening with Chris Parks. Chris  lives in a very low impact dwelling. THIS IS ONE ECO-EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED.  You’ll find out how your footprint can be carbon-negative while you still live in relative comfort.  The evening will also include gathering food from the Hedgerows; traditional skep hives; cooking round the campfire - and storytelling! Numbers are limited - so BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. Phone 241707.  The site where Chris lives is near Watchfield.

The natural world is a treasure trove of learning and wisdom...

Chris runs Acorn Education, which is dedicated to integrating nature and education, and providing experiential learning for all of the senses.

Seeking to improve our connections to the natural environment and gain a greater awareness, a sense of place, a sense of history, roots and culture, arts, crafts, skills and knowledge.

Chris is also a bard and a storyteller. with a bag of tales from the world over- the Ancient Greeks, the Celts, Native Americans, Romans & Vikings... from China, Africa, Eastern Europe, India and more...


We do need to know numbers beforehand. Please phone 241707 - latest 17th June. There will be a 2 charge to cover costs. Sensible footwear is a good idea if it’s wet ... 

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