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The Urban-Rural Hub Around Faringdon                                   16-23 June 2012



whynotcycle1Bikeweek2012Cyclists & Walkers of the world unite! Meet in Faringdon Market Place OR at Coleshill Cafe on the 23rd June (start times 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm - see below ) for a roll or stroll through Organic Farmlands - ending up at the
Wind & Solar Farm Open Day!



The ECOBIKES cycle tours and the ECOWALK are part of Faringdon and surrounding villages' ECOWEEK June 17-23rd, and ECOBIKES is also a national Bike Week event, as well as an Oxford Bike Week event.

The aim is to celebrate the joys of cycling & walking, the health message and the part that cycling and walking can play in reducing local car journeys and hence one's carbon-footprint.

Anyone who can safely cycle either 5 miles total (MOSS Green) or 13 miles total (JUNGLE Green) or 42 miles total (DAYGLO Green)  - is welcome - the pace will be leisurely! Walkers will be covering five miles total (there & back).

1. DAYGLO GREEN ECOBIKES sets off from Faringdon MARKET PLACE at 9.00am on Sat 23rd June, and takes you through 35 miles of stunning cycling countryside before ending up at the Wind/Solar Farm. All on road.

2. JUNGLE GREEN ECOBIKES also sets off from the Marketplace - starting at 10am. The route is a mixture of small roads and bridleways, hence sturdy bikes would be sensible. Road/racing bikes might struggle if ground is wet! After a coffee stop at Coleshill - we join up with....

3. MOSS GREEN ECOBIKES,  setting off from Coleshill Cafe at 11am, following the stunningly beautiful 2.5 mile farm track route to the  Wind/Solar Farm - to enjoy ECOFEST - the Wind/Solar Farm Open day.

4. And the ECOWALK (2.5 miles to Wind Farm) sets off from the Cafe at Coleshill at 12 midday  - and is led by Stu Priest (01367-240118) . CLICK HERE FOR MAP . Walkers can then make their own way back - OR come back as a group at 4pm after they’ve set a new world record with ECOWORLD.

It would be helpful to know approximate numbers. For ECOBIKES please contact David Williamson: or phone 01367-240033. For the ECOWALK the contact is  Stu Priest (01367-240118) .



We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you on the 23rd !

Imagine over 70 miles of roads in your area being closed to cars every Sunday so residents can walk, cycle, run and skate in peace. Well that’s what happens every week in Bogotá in Columbia. Watch this film to take a look at the event is called ‘Ciclovia’, and to see how car free roads have transformed areas of the city.

And there’s also other ways of using bicycles! The cyclean : the cycle powered washing machine.

If you need a bit of bike maintenance advice, when you are out in the garage, you can play these podcasts on your mobile. There’s eight short videos on topics from how mend a puncture to how to adjust a rear mech. It beats dragging dirt through the house just to take your bike near the computer to check that you are doing the right thing!

Or - why not make your own electricity?



The Ramblers

The Largest charity in the UK!


for details of resources available for leisure cycling including details of local CTC groups -- such as the Witney, Swindon and Wantage branches.

Cycling England

good section on the health benefits of cycling


promoting Safe Cycling to School and Connect2 as well as other aspects of green transport

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